The Futures Initiative’s Leadership and Peer Mentoring Program supports CUNY undergraduate students who are learning to be leaders within their colleges and within their communities. The program believes that great leadership means representing and responding to one’s peers in a way that supports everyone’s success.

This year the program welcomes 32 Undergraduate Leadership Fellows across 12 different CUNY campuses to learn leadership and mentoring skills and to participate in Futures Initiative programs, such as the University Worth Fighting For series. Participants build meaningful relationships with graduate students and faculty members at the Graduate Center, and participate in high-level programming on key issues in higher education. Many of these students were nominated by their instructors who are themselves students at the Graduate Center.

We welcome you to explore this site to learn more about the program, read reflections written by Leadership Fellows, and even ask questions related to student success. The site, like the program as a whole, celebrates the successes that students have already achieved, and the ways that these accomplishments prepare them for future success as scholars, leaders of their communities, and more.

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2015-2016 Peer Mentors

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