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Peer Mentoring Liaison

Thomas DeAngelish

Thomas DeAngelis

Thomas DeAngelis is a first-year doctoral student in the Earth and Environmental Sciences program at the CUNY Graduate Center. Thomas recently earned a B.A. in Sociology from CUNY Brooklyn College where he was both a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow and a CUNY Pipeline Fellow. He is interested in the displacement of black people by urban renewal in New York City and Salvador, Brazil and how people organized against urban renewal. Drawing on Stuart Hall’s method of conjunctural analysis, Thomas hopes to develop a broader understanding of the political, economic, geographic, and ideological forces that allowed for urban renewal to displace black people from housing in both Salvador and New York City. More broadly, Thomas holds interests in black geographies, black radical thought, and Afro-Pessimism.

Teaching Fellows

  • Hilarie Ashton, English, Queens College
  • Ryan Donovan, Theater, Hunter College
  • Janey Flanagan, Urban Education/E-learning, Borough of Manhattan Community College
  • Esther Michelle Gabay, English, Kingsborough Community College
  • Maria Greene, Urban Education/Chemistry, Borough of Manhattan Community College
  • Richard Lissemore, Speech, Language, Hearing Science, Lehman College
  • Evan Misshula, Criminal Justice, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
  • Irene Morrison-Moncure, Classics, Hunter College
  • Rachel Oppenheimer, Urban Education/High-School Equivalency, La Guardia Community College
  • Natalie Oshukany, Music, City College
  • Danica Savonick, English, Queens College
  • Hallie Scott, Art History, Brooklyn College

Graduate Leaders

  • Hilarie Ashton, GC, English
  • Rachel Oppenheimer, GC, MALS and LaGuardia CC
  • Natalie Oshukany, GC, Music


Undergraduate Mentors

  • Nancy Acosta, Lehman College
  • Curtis Appiah, City College
  • Luvenia Aucapina, Queens College
  • Christina Billotto, Kingsborough CC
  • Rivka Bondar, Kingsborough CC
  • Nick Calabro, John Jay College
  • Orri Cohen, Brooklyn College
  • Francisca Eghan, City College
  • Tova Engel, Queens College
  • Yvenalie Gardere, City College
  • Sarah Gavartin, Hunter College
  • Ayomide Gbadamosi, Kingsborough CC
  • Luis Gonzalez, Kingsborough CC
  • Gabriella Grimes, Hunter College
  • Hurriya Hassan, Queens College
  • Nadette Haywood, Lehman College
  • Caitlin Higgins, Lehman College
  • Fariha Khan, Hunter College
  • Nayab Khan, Hunter College
  • Kseniya Kravtsova, Hunter College
  • Yakov Leonov, John Jay College
  • Michelle Mack, Lehman College
  • Isamar Martinez, Lehman College
  • Wadgma Masab, Queens College
  • Neelrup Mitra, City College
  • Baker Mohammed, City College
  • Allan Muchnik, John Jay College
  • Kyra Ong, Hunter College
  • Maria Osorio, Brooklyn College
  • Jhanil Peralta, Lehman College
  • Clarissa Pichardo, Lehman College
  • Rachel Pressberg, Brooklyn College
  • Chava Suionov, Queens College
  • Sharene Vaughn, Lehman College
  • Biao Wang, John Jay College
  • Bingqian Zhang, John Jay College

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