Coline Chevrin

FI Graduate Fellow, Assistant Director

Coline Chevrin is a PhD Student in Geography at the Earth and Environmental program of the Graduate Center. She earned a Master’s Degree in Territorial Policies for Sustainable Development in France and was adjunct and researcher in Argentina at the Universidad Nacional de Rosario, in the Department of Political Science and International Relations. Her work focuses on the impact of extractive economy on the urban planning of intermediary cities in Latin America and the displacement and resistance they generate. She is specifically interested in the articulation between different scales within urban environments, analyzing the tension between development models implemented to insert the cities within current globalization patterns and local collective strategies of social reproduction. She specifically studies local mobilizations and development alternatives from a decolonial perspective.

Coline has taught courses at The National University of Rosario in Argentina and at Sciences Po Paris, and she is now an adjunct at the Geography Department at Hunter College. She was also part of the team in charge of creating the most recent National University in Rafaela, Argentina, and was involved in the preparation of the strategic plan of the institution. She was adjunct professor for the courses “University, society and knowledge” and “Contemporary issues” for the first cohort of students of the University. She is particularly interested in Latin American pedagogy, liberation theory and situated knowledge and is committed to Public University systems and higher education as a right.