Adashima Oyo

Executive Director

Photo of Adashima Oyo

Adashima Oyo is the Executive Director of FI and Director of Programs and Administration at HASTAC. She is a former Futures Initiative Fellow and HASTAC Scholars Director. Prior to pursuing a PhD, Adashima acquired more than 10 years of experience in several director-level positions at various non-profits and social service organizations in New York City. Adashima brings a wealth of experience and knowledge about CUNY. She has worked with students and administrators in various capacities across seven different CUNY schools. Adashima’s undergraduate degree in English and master degree in public health are also from CUNY schools. She is finishing her PhD in the Social Welfare program at The Graduate Center, CUNY. Adashima has many research interests! Her dissertation research explores recruitment and admissions practices for Black and Latinx students at schools of public health in the United States. #BlackScholarsMatter