Advancing Equity and Innovation in Higher Education; Photo of the front of the Graduate Center CUNY building with logo.

The Futures Initiative advocates greater equity and innovation in higher education at every level of the university. Housed at the Graduate Center and reaching throughout the CUNY community, the Futures Initiative empowers the next generation of intellectual leaders. Read More about FI’s Mission at CUNY

Our Work

  • Student-centered pedagogy: Non-hierarchical learning structures that emphasize peer learning, peer mentorship, and student agency.
  • Technology: Using network and communications tools to build community and foster greater access.
  • Leadership: Equipping graduate students to expand career horizons and connect their learning to the wider world.
  • Research: Conducting meaningful, high-level research and connecting it to the wider world in creative ways.
  • Advocacy: Promoting institutional change, social justice, and the reinvestment in higher education as a public good.

Contact Us

The Futures Initiative
The Graduate Center, CUNY
365 Fifth Avenue, Room 3313
New York, NY 10016-4309
Tel. 212 817-7201

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The University Worth Fighting For; Drawing of stick figures in a classroom with a teacher in front of a chalkboard. A student is daydreaming, with colorful swirls and flowers representing being lost in their own thoughts and not paying attention to the lecture.

“The University Worth Fighting For,” event series addresses urgent issues in higher education—both the need for public support of higher education and, within higher education, the need to redesign a more relevant, engaged form of higher education. Read More about The University Worth Fighting For

Welcome, CUNY Undergraduate Leadership Fellows, 2017-2018 - Photo of students holding certificates after day-long leadership training.

The Futures Initiative’s Leadership and Peer Mentoring Program supports CUNY undergraduate students who are learning to be leaders within their colleges and within their communities. The program believes that great leadership means representing and responding to one’s peers in a way that supports everyone’s success. Read More about the Leadership and Peer Mentoring Program

Structuring Equality: A Handbook for Student-Centered Learning and Teaching Practices; Photo of student authors holding up a copy of the book in front of a screen that has a Futures Initiative Mentors logo.

We at HASTAC are very proud to be publishing Structuring Equality:  A Handbook to Student-Centered Learning and Teaching Practices by the Graduate Center (CUNY) Learning Collective and professionally edited by a team of undergraduate students from throughout the City University of New York. Get a copy of Structuring Equality: A Handbook to Student-Centered Learning and Teaching Practices

Tech Tip of the Week; Logo with drawing of a lightbulb

The Futures Initiative site can be used to build your own Site! To help you with the process, the FI web developers post weekly Tech Tips. See our list of WordPress tutorials

Mapping the Futures of Higher Education; Images of different mapping projects showing different ways to map how Graduate Center students are connected to other CUNY schools.

The interdisciplinary graduate class Mapping the Futures of Higher Education was created to explore new methods of peer learning and teaching, interdisciplinary research collaborations, experiential learning, new digital tools, and public contributions to knowledge. Click here to see projects from the Mapping the Futures of Higher Education course