Recap: Is Meek Mill A Critical Race Theorist?

Last year February, I moderated a panel on hip-hop pedagogy with three Leaders from the Undergraduate Leaders Fellowship Program. I thought it was important to use their voices because when it comes to education, they were the most important stakeholders and don’t have a platform for their voice, so I created one during our session. In November, I, like so many before me, challenged the marginalization of non-hegemonic scholarships in higher education and what it would look like if these kinds of scholarships were centered.

Last week Friday, I questioned whether or not rapper Meek Mill is a critical race theorist? I brought the Philly rapper with a GED and a long history of being involved in the American legal system into the spotlight for HASTAC’s Digital Friday. After providing the research and background that I had and asked the 50 plus viewers to vote and overwhelming. An overwhelming amount voted, “yes.”  If you missed it, here is the recording for you to decide:

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