Feb 5: Ideas in Circulation: Open Scholarship for Social Justice


Friday, February 5 | 1 PM to 2 PM | http://bit.ly/FuturesED-live | #fight4edu | RSVP

WHERE: The Graduate Center, 365 Fifth Avenue
Room: 9205
WHEN: Friday, February 5, 1:00 PM-2:00 PM
CONTACT INFO: futuresinitiative [at] gc.cuny.edu; (212) 817-7201

Join us at the Graduate Center on February 5 from 1-2 PM for an open, livestreamed discussion with several special guests:

  • April Hathcock (Librarian for Scholarly Communications, NYU)
  • Matthew K. Gold (Associate Professor of English and Digital Humanities; Executive Officer, MA Program in Liberal Studies)
  • Michelle Fine (Distinguished Professor of Psychology, Urban Education, and Women’s Studies; Advisor of the Public Science Project
  • Stephen Zweibel (Data and Digital Projects Librarian, The Graduate Center)

This is the fifth of eight conversations in The University Worth Fighting For, a year-long project designed to tie student-centered, engaged practices in our classrooms to larger issues of institutional change, equality, race, gender, and all forms of social justice.

This event will focus on access, equality, and diversity in the context of open scholarship, and scholarly communication. The event will include discussion about the “digital divide,” academic libraries, open-source development, and more.

Online Discussion Group
To help build momentum and to provide a place to discuss related theory and research in greater depth, we also invite you to join this student-led reading group that will open on HASTAC. The discussion group will remain open for three weeks following the workshop.

Learn more about the series

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