If Academe is Part of the Problem of Inequality and Oligarchy, What’s Our Solution?

Here’s a link my morning hastac.org blog, in our Futures Initiative group:  “If Academe is Part of the Problem, What’s Our Solution?”  http://www.hastac.org/blogs/cathy-davidson/2015/02/24/if-academe-part-problem-inequality-and-oligarchy-what-solution-futur

This begins with a new study that shows how higher education exacerbates the inequality that, as academics, we are so good at pointing out in society at large.  Then it says “let’s look inward.”   It ends with three–now up to five– things we as academics can do.   Now.  Some are even easy and fun.  What are yours?  Please add your own ideas in the Comments section or on twitter at #futuresEd